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What is the dark bread with molassas and nuts? Can you give me a recipe?
It is called Anadama. Sorry, Josh's recipe will have to wait until he writes a cookbook.
Can I buy a loaf of Anadama bread?
Yes. It has to be ordered at least a day in advance for pick up after 5. 

What have you been doing with all the construction I see?

We have expanded the kitchen and added another walkin cooler and a root cellar; improved the entrance and added a dining room.

What is the secret to the crab cakes?

Josh's guiding force is to get the best ingredients he can and not mess them up. The crab cakes are made with fresh peekytoe crab and very little binder.

"Interesting that you have deleted two comments about the dificulty in reaching you. Do you just keep positive comments?"

Unfortunately I cannot respdond directly on the guest page. If you had come to this page, you would have found the answer. We do the best we can to respond. A recent phone message followed by one of the comments I deleted gave an email address that we could not decipher (it was garbled). If the email address had been in the guest book request (as suggested in these pages), we would have responded but with no return phone number and no email address, response was not possible. The other message was from someone who had a reservation, was on an island and had no access to a phone and needed to cancel their reservation. Their message was clear and we appreciated them letting us know. We do not have direct email contact because, frankly, some people are unable to respect the fact that we are not able to handle reservations by any method than by phone. 

Why didn't you return my call?

Up until recently, we did return all calls. To help deal with incredible volume we are trying to answer some questions on our answering message saying, for example, "we have nothing available until..." If the message you leave is asking for a reservation in that time period, we won't respond. If you leave a message we should respond to and it is not returned within 20 hours, call again. The message may have been garbled. You would be surprised at how many people expect a call back and forget to leave their number.


Are you wheelchair accessable?

 Yes. The handicapped parking is toward the back near a ramp. Please let us know you are coming with a wheelchair so we can better serve you. Our dining rooms are small and not all tables will handle a wheelchair comfortably.

 Can your chef prepare food that is egg and peanut free and not prepared in containers that have had these ingredients?

Sorry, that is not possible for us.

What is your dress code?


Do you give out recipies for your special drinks?

Ask the bartender who may be able to give you some information verbally that might be helpful.

Do you mail out the fudge pie?


We will not be open Thanksgiving.  It is a meal we enjoy with our family.

Any chance you will have halibut any time soon?

It has been a feature quite frequently but always depends on availability of fresh halibut.

When can I come by to get a gift certificate?

Best time for us is in the afternoon. Worst time is Saturday from 5 to about six though that is OK as long as you realize you might have to wait a bit while we are seating people.

How late do you serve?

We  would like to have you seated by 9:30 but during the week off season if you are coming in without a reservation, you should call ahead to make sure. We will close earlier if there is no one in the restaurant.

Can you accomodate a gluten free diet?

 Yes. Many of our dishes are gluten free and some can be adjusted though not all. Your server can help you with this.

What is your email address?

I don't have our email address on the site because we can't handle reservations that way. I also don't want the spam it might generate. If you want to correspond through email, leave your email address on the Guest Book page. I will send you an email and erase your email address the day I see it.

Do you have non-alcoholic wine?

We have a sparkling cider and non-alcoholic beer. When I want to go that route I ask for cranberry juice in a wine glass.

 Do you do rehearsal dinners?

Sorry, the largest party we take is 8.

 Is the menu the same in winter and summer?

Yes, the menu on the site is our current menu. While the vegetables change somewhat seasonally the dishes are the same. We always recommend that you not get locked into one dish as working with fresh food can be tricky and we do occasionally run out of items.

Will you have the lobster pie this year?

It is usually on the menu in the summer.
Haddock may not be on the regular menu March through May. During this period it has been very difficult for Josh to get the high quality fresh haddock he requires because the fish are spawning and little fishing for them is done. Rest assured there will always be a fish dish on the menu.

I would like to get a gift certificate for my parents but I live too far away to come by.

You can order gift certificates over the phone and put it on Visa or Master Card. We will mail gift certificates either to you or to whom ever you designate. Call 207-646-3355. If we are not there to answer the phone, leave a message and we will call you back. We charge $2 for postage and handeling. In December we make an effort to be available to answer the phone Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 9pm. Calls before 5 are easier for us to handle.


How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Off season (November-April) availability on Saturdays between 6:30 and 7:30 fills up about two weeks in advance. You can usually get a table for before 5:30 or after 8:30 by calling before noon on Saturday. The same goes for holiday nights. The most popular times on Friday fill up later in the week and there are usually a few tables available when we begin service Friday.

We are getting increasingly busy during the week. It is unusual for someone without a reservation to have to wait for a table but it does happen so reservations are recommended for any evening.

In summer 6:30 to 8 fill up as much as three weeks in advance for any night and Saturday is pretty much full a week in advance.

I read on a blog that someone came with a reservation but you didn't have space for them.

When that happens it is usually because they made reservations in another restaurant. There is another Joshua's in Brunswick, Maine and information usually gives their phone number rather than ours. People have also been known to confuse us with Johathan's in Ogunquit. We hate when that happens but there is really nothing we can do about it. When you make a reservation we will read it back to you off the page so that you can correct us if we got it wrong. We also call to confirm reservations that were made more than a couple of days in advance.

Do you have restaurants in any other locations?



Where do you get the vegetables when the garden shuts down?

Onions, winter squash, carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts and cabbage from the garden will supply Josh through fall and into the winter. He buys salad greens from Lisa Turner in Freeport. Her organic greenhouses are heated with oil from restaurants that have fried food.

update: Lisa is still in busniess but there are now several organic farms closer to us who deliver. When local and or organic are not available we buy from conventional sources.


Where do you get your coffee?

Coffee By Design in Portland.

 Where did the chef go to school?

Josh is self-taught. He grew up in a house where all the meals were made from scratch. He also saw his mother and father baking deserts that we sold to restaurants between Ogunquit and Portland. (He now makes the fudge pie and maple walnut pie from his mother’s original recipes.) He’s been working in restaurants since he was 14. Most importantly, food is his passion. A story by Barbara about Josh in the kitchen when he was six can be found in the stories section.Some of our stories

Why don't you have business card drawings?

We don't have any special prices. We hope everyone enjoys our every night reasonable prices..

Where did your chairs come from?

We got them from a company in Lewiston Maine. They were more expensive than we could have done elsewhere but we figured it was highly unlikely that anyone from China (the country not the Maine town) would ever spend money in our restaurant. It was just part of our ethic, besides they are really nice chairs Unfortunately Bradco has since gone out of business. Chairs for our addition are coming from another Maine furniture maker who now employes people who worked for Bradco.


Why is a restaurant of your caliber located in Wells?

Josh was born here and Barbara and I have lived here since 1972. Also there are lots of wonderful people in the area who appreciate what we are doing.